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5 things you must consider before building a new website

5 things you must consider before building a new website

From usability & appearance to navigation & code integrity, a lot goes into building an eye-catchy and comprehensible website. It doesn't end there, either. Developers need to work together to build websites that are search engine friendly, engaging and also stimulate conversions.


A website not only helps you to represent your business but it allows you to communicate with your potential customers and meet their requirements. Thus, if you aim for a website to deliver significant results in terms of generating huge traffic and ROI then it really needs to be well designed and build explicitly keeping in mind your personas.


Bespoke websites have the potential to hook the user’s attention, deliver on the promise, and create a unique user experience that inspires viewers to become loyal brand advocates.

So, here are the key points that one needs to consider before building a website:


Choosing a Domain and Host

Finding the right name that reflects your brand is crucial. A domain name should be customized to increase the chances of being located in search engine result pages. When comparing hosting packages, it's important to consider the nature of your website and business.

Before confirming the hosting provider, one needs to decide the following metrics

•    Amount of website traffic to be generated.

•    Does the hosting company offer scalable solutions?

•    Backup, security, and added features that are offered.


Make your Website SEO friendly

When one is willing to bring their website into the spotlight of search engines, attention should be given to make the website easy enough to crawl for the search engine bots. If they don’t find it up there, the dream of seeing at the top of the search results will be crushed. So, SEO should always be a fundamental consideration for your website design. Once the development is done always focus on strong Technical SEO Audits.


Use contrasting Color Scheme

Make your website design click by using contrasting Color Scheme.  One can highlight the main sections of the website with complementary colours to bring attention to the requisite website visitors.   



While planning a website one should map out its structures and pages that need to be included in each section. As you start mapping out your website, take time to consider what the user experience will be at each phase and will that help your target audience to find what they need. Also, sitemaps make it easier for search engines to find all of your website’s pages easily.


Design and Content

The type of the business will determine the design and content suitable for your website. Even if you are capable of building the website alone make sure that you strategically plan the layout and execute that as per the industry standards else you may end up with a website that looks like it’s dragged itself out of the 1990s.


Crafting a user-friendly website that is built on cutting-edge technologies and innovative design formats will always deliver a great user experience. Customized development further ensures to be fluid responsive, i.e. seamlessly accessible through any devices, better secured, more customer-centric and enables to shape your brand identity. In the end, a bespoke website proves to be a perfect fit for your business and much more cost-efficient.

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